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Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009 - I'm ready for a new year!!!

Welcome 2009!!!  Alright I am trying to start off on a good foot with the blogging - I was so good at the beginning of last year . . . we'll see :)  Justin & I just got back from OC - we spent New Year's there with Ryan.  We went out last night & left Ryan with his first non-family babysitter (Justin's bosses' daughter).  It was liberating to say the least :)  My parents watch him whenever we need it but there is a slight guilt factor there - I don't know why . . . they LOVE him to pieces - I just know he can be a lot of work - he's two and busy, busy, busy.  

So a new year means new goals - right?  Well here's my top 5:

#1  Spend more quality time with my family - go places together, work on our house (declutter), have meaningful conversations, play Skip Bo with my husband (I always win the first round), watch movies, teach Ryan how to swim . . . hmmm . . . 

#2  Lose the 25 lbs. I'm still carrying around from the baby weight.  I didn't struggle as much with the weight from Ryan - I was so motivated.  But this time - with all the circumstances surrounding the loss of the baby - we'll the motivation has not been there (it doesn't help that I'm an emotional eater either).  

#3  LEARN PHOTOSHOP!!!  It is pathetic - I have had it since last May but still don't know how to use it.  I did recently buy a book to help me - we'll see.

#4  Organize my photos in some kind of meaningful way - they are all on my desktop - I don't know what I have - a mess!!!

#5  Get on the design team for a scrapbook supply manufacturer - a dream . . . 

I've never done the Ali Edward's one little word thing but I think this year I will - my word - balance - I've lost sense of it at times - it is difficult to do everything I want to at this point in my life - I need to find a way to balance my family, friends, and my own personal goals.  So balance is the word for this year . . . 

I was asked to be a Guest Designer for My Creative Scrapbook again in February - so exciting & flattering!!  Their DT is so AWESOME & TALENTED!!

I will leave you with an adorable video & song - it makes me happy!!!

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Anonymous said...

#3 That should soo be on my new years list too!!!! Bought Photoshop CS3 last year and have NO clue how to use it!!!hehe